The Garden at SF


Let nature bring out the best in your life. 

The Garden at Southern Farmhouse consist of plants that boost our spirits and enhance our environment by sharing a space with organic elements. 

Our little beauties consist of; tropical indoor foliage, succulents, cacti, & air plants. Also carrying an assortment of planters, supplies, and accessories. 

We currently do not offer shipping for any plants. 



  • Dracaena 'Janet Craig
  • Pothos Golden
  • Spider Plants
  • Snake Plants
  • Bromeliad Silver Vase
  • Pachira Braid 'Money Tree'
  • Monstera Adansonii "Swiss cheese' 
  • Aloe Vera 
  • Ionantha Air Plants 
  • Ficus Lyrata 'Fiddle Fig' 
  • Croton Petra 'Joesph's Coat' 

and many more!!